Design with users’ minds and country’s infrastructure in the spotlight
Romooz website | case study


Romooz is a creative agency based in Libya, provides many advertising and marketing services to the Libyan market. They requested a new design for their website. The website should look elegant, unique, creative, usable and easy to use.

my role

My role was to study the compatitors in the Libyan market, the target segments and their behaviours, design the wireframe based on the analysis of the collected information and data. Then implement a creative UI that have a good impact on the users and engage them with the agency.


Create deeper and easy relationship with the audiance

the challenge was to create easy relationship with the audiance so it gets more engagement and the audiance will not have any problems to visit the website again and again as they are satisfying the design, the experience, the workflow, find what they want to search for, everything is clear and easy to be understandable.


each box is 1 pixel - the design is a collection of pixels and each pixel matters

The concept is so easy to understand if you are familiar with marketing and advertising field, or even if you are not and the marketing team explains the concept it will be easy to understand and engage with the design. the pixel is a square “box” so eash box is a 1 pixel and a collection of the boxes “pixels” make a new shape the “R” so Romooz is a collection of pixels which indicates their creativity and profissionality in work.

UX principles

Keep it simple to load
Internet speed was one of the major problems, internet in Libya is not high and so one of our goals is to provide website that doesn’t take alot of time to load.

Give user flexibility
Romooz ‘s audiance are many segments in the libyan market from the top level companies to the small companies, this varaities took us to create a simple and easy interface to be understandable in easy way.

No doubt that the mobile internet is going fast to lead the market and we took that into considration to deliver the website in responsive mode, so we don’t miss any target segments
Website has been tested on google developers section and pass their test to be a mobile-friendly website.

responsive website

Highlight the job required
We should guide the user to what we want him to do, so in Romooz we thought that the best scenario is that user get impressed with the home page to go to the sample work then what Romooz provides then contact page, so making them bold in the home page and design a big and understandable menu was the key to help us achieve our goals.

Help the user to understand
Users are variated and not equal in their knowledge, experience and learning level, so guiding the user was one of our keys by using icons, images, content, colors and interactions so the user can feel the website, engage with it and be more familiar with it.

the concept

Engaged Design | highlight the creativity “R”
R concept

Idea cames from making the R of Romooz to be the main shape of the home page, in “R” you will find the main navigation of the website.

The boxes used in the website are conveying the pixels in design, each pixel represent the creativity, the hard has been done by Romooz

highlight the main areas
Hover Effect
hover effect in the home page

Hover effect that using simple interaction with the user, so it will deliver the message to the user and in the same time it will not take alot of loading to make it more faster and easy.



No doubt that visualization is much better than text, so using the icons will be much faster for the user to understand what this section is about, colors will add more edge for the type of the content and enhance the user experience of the audiance.



Using colors to enhance the view of the website, colors make the website UI fresh and healthy, using them again to make a difference between the sections of the website. They play a big role in the website to guide the user to what he/she wants to do

the design

inner menu
inner menu concept

the inner menu kept the main concept of the design, so 1 pixel for each item, so this will help to keep it consistent, understandable and clean.

We changed the color theme to gray degrees as here the content is the much higher value than the menu items, if we kept the colors with that size it will confuse the user and will harm the readability of the content.

Work page

Work page kept the design of the inner pages for consistency, 1pixel for each project in the portfolio, the user easly can determine what is required and how to deal with the page content.

Keeping the concept of 1 pixel help us to consist the design and make it more simple as much as we can, the user get the idea and engaged with the design.

Work page

The grid concept in the portfolio played a good way in displaying the content, as the client doesn’t have alot of details to say about and also it helped us in the responsive concept to display it on the smart phones and tablets.


at the end we can’t say we did the right job or not, but we try to match the client requests with the users’ needs to bring out something unique that can add value and solve problems.